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ABOUT 2408

With over 25 years in design and marketing, I decided to go it alone in 2016. Working predominantly in agencies over the years, I have performed most roles from project management and copywriting through to studio management and creative strategy.


I am interested in working with charities, not-for-profits, start-ups and SMEs that I can help to grow; I have worked for many bluechips over the years but now feel that I'd like to 'do good' - to market businesses whose aims and principals I identify with. I believe that branding and marketing are powerful tools and, having those tools at my disposal, I'd like to use them to help companies to sell more, become more visible, gain greater recognition and to arm them with everything that they need to reach their goals.


I work as a freelance marketer and have a team of amazing associates that I regularly work with in order to offer all branches of the great marketing tree: designers, programmers, SEO consultants, printers, photographers etc., and enjoy the variety that this brings. I also work with my trusty companion, Milo the wonderdog (he enjoys the title of 'in-house customer liaison' and 'paper shredder'). Oh, and the name, 2408 - it just so happens that I was born on a day that illustrates how I work harder than 24/7.

Subscribe below or get in touch using my info in the footer - I look forward to meeting you :)



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